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Anglia Awnings are the suppliers of a range of accessories for awnings and canopies.

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Mounting and Fixing

Patio awnings create a considerable load where the arms attach to the cassette, which is subsequently transferred to the fixing bracket behind. This load can be as great as 370kg. Whilst the majority of brick built houses (2+ storey properties) can accept this load using the standard face fix brackets supplied with our awnings thanks to the weight of the brickwork above the ground floor level, single storey buildings, from bungalows to extensions do not possess any structural strength at the top of the wall and therefore require specially designed brackets to safely and securely attach them.

Spreader Plates

Spreader plates are typically used on single storey extensions where there is adequate space above the doors/windows to position a patio awning. Spreader plates, as the name suggests, spreads the fixing load created by patio awnings safely down the façade, whilst positioning the patio awning to the top.


Spreader Plates


Cantilever Brackets

Sometimes referred to as gutter brackets, cantilever brackets are typically used on bungalows where there is not sufficient space above the doors/windows to position a patio awning. They are similar to spreader plates, in that they spread the fixing load created by the patio awning safely down the façade but they wrap around the fascia, positioning the patio awning in front of the guttering, ensuring a sensible mounting height and subsequently pitch for the patio awning.



Hand Transmitter

Hand Transmitters

Our motorised awnings are supplied as standard with a Somfy single channel transmitter. As an option multi channel transmitters can be supplied to control additional awnings and accessories.

Infra Red Heaters

Infra Red Heaters

Bahama 2kw infra-red heater is mounted on the wall beneath the awning (min 300mm below). Anthracite RAL 7016MT. Fitted with Somfy io remote receiver to allow switching using a separate channel on the hand transmitter.


LED Lighting Strips

The Bahama lighting strip is a warm light LED (3500 K 330 l/m) fitted with a Somfy receiver to provide switching and dimming via a separate channel on the hand transmitter.

On the Tortola awning the Bahama lighting strip is mounted beneath the awning.

On the Cuba Awning the Bahama lighting strip is attached to the bottom of the cassette casing.


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