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Anglia Awnings supply, install, and replace awnings, and blinds in a range of premium quality high-tex fabrics to suit your requirements.

We only use the most technically advanced and luxurious fabrics, exclusively featured on all patio awnings and external blinds from Caribbean Blinds.

These fabrics possess a number of features designed with quality in mind. All of the fabrics that we sell are:

Lumera Landcape Fabric

  • Fade Resistant – Colours are dyed all the way through to the core of the fibre.
  • Dimensionally Stable – Fabric does not warp, stretch or tear when under tension.
  • Water Repellent – Highest water column of 450mm, similar to that of a marine boat cover.
  • Extraordinary Colour Luminosity – Colours that shine and come alive when backlit with the sun.
  • Self-Clean Effect – Unique nano-tech coating ensures the fabric keeps a clean visual appearance, along with preventing mould, algae & fungi growth.
  • Optimum UV Protection – Certified to UV Standard 801 • UV 40 = 95% block • UV 60 = 97.5% block • UV 80 = 99.9% block

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